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Here is a list of ‘frequently asked questions’ that may help interested parties in the area considering Solar PV. Q. Am I happy would I do it again? A. Yes/Yes Q. Is it right for everyone ? A. Depends on your roof location (southerly and not shaded by trees/buildings/mountains) ……. and whether you can stomach […]

Ding ding Round 2 ! Nearly a year ago I looked at solar thermal for hot water and could not justify spending money on this technology.  So it’s time for an appeal review armed with all this recent solar knowledge and experience. Why do I want to do this ? I like the idea of […]

So was August a  good month for Solar PV ? Short answer is yes ! The total haul was 445 kWh or 3.6 kWh per day per kWp installed on Glasgow SW 30 degree roof. Commenting on the August results. Highest Daily record now 25 kWh also a new record low of 4 kWh as […]

Even with the days shortening we had a super sunshine Sunday and this was backed up by generating the highest total to date since our July installation.  Whilst the daily energy was 25 kWh, I looked at the maximum Wp reading and was surprised to see that the maximum peak was only 3.25 kW. Head […]

So what is NET metering ? It is the ability to measure power/energy Generated (for solar/wind) Used ie how much the home consumes (That used to be easy!) Exported back to the grid (basically = Generated – Used) NET metering is really of value where there is some generation on site such as a wind […]

I now have a 3.995 kWp Solar PV installed and working, here I my thoughts now its in and running. Bad Points As I grumbled before the red tape and silly hoops/paperwork/procedures/process to go through to get a proper MCS approved system and a grant/loan was sooooo boring rigor mortis was close to setting in […]

Talking about a handy utility that Power One provide for their Aurora inverters.  In my case one for domestic Solar PV duty (nice piece of hardware).  The version used is v2.9.6 which is produced, I believe by some nice people in Italy.  So what’s my thoughts on it so far…. Cost – Well it is […]