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The way google conducts itself is so different to the razzamatazz of Apple with its product staged releases.  Take the Google Power Meter after an initial video then foggy release I have found it to keep getting better without any hint, notification or even documentation. On first use I had a number of bug bears, […]

I am now getting gas usage data through to Google Power Meter. I did mention a while back that a connection was established to the gas meter and being logged, but the data never up until now never made it through to Google Power Meter.  Here is the old article link So those clever […]

Talking about a handy utility that Power One provide for their Aurora inverters.  In my case one for domestic Solar PV duty (nice piece of hardware).  The version used is v2.9.6 which is produced, I believe by some nice people in Italy.  So what’s my thoughts on it so far…. Cost – Well it is […]

Still a Google Power Meter fan, probably more so on the basis that after doing the initial data drilling blast, it is a top level easy to use tool that just works so well.  I seem to be in the luxurious position of having 14 channels of energy data with google.  However, I am too […]

Another snippet on the Google PowerMeter ‘gadget’ today. I must be feeling guilty after the poor review on the current implementation of the near-real-time and the always-on functionality.  Anyway, I’ve decided to write something nice about the Google people today. The view options for daily/weekly/monthly are rather cute, here is a snap of the last […]

Stop rubbing your eyes, the ‘standard’ pricing of Scada/HMI systems hasn’t changed much, but there are some very interesting entry level licenses that offer exceptional value and open an exciting range of new possibilities. In order to compete with the lower-end hardware based HMI systems Ge-IP has for a long time offered a cut-down version […]

Okay, at the time of writing the long touted Goggle powermeter is only available to the select few.  It seems they want the large utilities to bring it through to the masses. It is not open as far as I can see to the nosey techies. Not too worry, I have been a long admirer […]